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Sci-fi leaves a lot to the imagination

January 10, 2009

Last night Stargate Altantis wrapped up a five year run on the Sci-fi network…. and this non-event triggered a couple of thoughts.

First, the Sci-fi channel is awful. Wrestling, ghost hunters and animal movies are not Sci-fi. There is enough good science-fiction programming out there that the network shouldn’t have to resort to this junk.

Second, I am tired of the Sci-fi channel’s “original series” formula. A team of four – the consquences be damned leader, the incredibly strong alien, the super smart geek and the hot woman – fights to save humanity. Sound familiar? Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, Sanctuary, Flash Gordon, etc, etc, etc.

Third, the problem with most of these programs, beyond the now-standard formula, is the pacing. They are slow and, at times, downright boring. In my opinion, this is what killed the Star Trek franchise. The last couple of seasons of the Next Generation were just dull. DS9?a snoozer. Voyager? Enterprise? Please… even the theme songs were boring.

Compare this with the Star Trek TOS, the first four or so seasons of The Next Generation and the new Doctor Who. They are fun… they mix interesting characters with decent plot lines, a sense of humor and an upbeat pace. Even if the occasional plot has holes, they are a great ride. (“He saves worlds, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures and runs a lot. Seriously, there’s an outrageous amount of running involved.”)

Come on Sci-fi… put a little fun back in your sci-fi.


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