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Doing my patriotic duty to save the economy

March 16, 2009

There’s a reason I don’t like reading the BestBuy circular in the Sunday paper.

They’re running an ad for a 50-inch Samsung 1080p plasma TV for $1199 – including delivery, installation and recycling of the old TV. My family room, which is separated from the kitchen by a half wall, features a 27-inch wooden console Sylvania assembled in Greeneville, TN in June 1988. Yes… I have a nearly 21 year old wooden console TV in my family room. (It was inherited.) A 50 inch plasma would be just the right size to cover both the family room and kitchen. And my wife, who is a big Wii-fit fan, would love a TV that could be mounted at eye level for her exercise. She’d be happy, I’d be happy, its a great price… so what’s the problem?


The current TV still works and, despite its age, works well. And there’s a recession on. While I survived IBM’s last round of layoffs (sorry, resource actions), I can’t guarantee that will be true six months down the road. Do I need to spend what will likely be $1500 (after taxes, mounts and cables) to replace a perfectly working, if old, piece of equipment? (No.) Are there other things I could – and should – use that money on? (Yes.) So, I will be the responsible adult and resist the overwhelming urge to buy something new and shiny that’s priced to move.

And likely so will millions of other Americans. And the recession will last longer because consumers like me aren’t buying. So… its my patriotic duty to buy this TV! D’OH!!!!!

No it isn’t and I will exercise restraint.


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