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K-9’s head

April 5, 2009

Had a few minutes to get into the garage this weekend and made some progress on K-9’s head. I was most concerned about curving the wood for the back and top of the head. Fortunately, at a wine tasting two weeks ago, I found a fellow Doctor Who fan. When I told her what I was working on, she suggested “kerfing” the wood. It wasn’t a term I was familiar with… but basically the kerf is the width of a saw’s blade. To kerf, set the depth of a power saw to about 1/2 the depth of the wood and cut a series of strips across the width. (You may be able to see the resulting bands in the profile shot.) Kerfing made the wood flexibile enough to bend. I’ll fill in the bands later with wood putty to enhance the structural integrity. (For later reference, the arc in the top of the head is 5/8s of an inch.)

early-head-front early head profile


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  1. marcschuster permalink

    Impressive! I remember you wearing the Doctor Who question mark as a tie clip in high school but never followed up on it. (Am I right about this detail?) Given that you’re obsessed enough to build a model of K-9, you might appreciate a book I wrote a couple of years ago, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: The Discerning Fan’s Guide to Doctor Who.

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