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K-9 Progress

June 2, 2009

K-9 continues to make slow progress. The body and head have now been painted a fairly dark grey. A couple of thoughts on paint that I always end up re-learning:

  • Use the primer coat to identify flaws. If edges aren’t smooth or there are defects in the wood, they will pop out when covered with (white) primer. FIX THEM or they will be really obvious with the finish coat is applied.
  • Sand down any “clumps” or “dimples” created by the primer or 1st coat of paint. (See above point.)
  • The color on a cap of spray paint has no relation WHATSOEVER to the color of the paint in the can. Test before applying.
  • Light grey “metalic” finish shouldn’t look like aluminum foil.  (Wait till you see the pictures.)
  • Lowes and TrueValue have a really limited selection of grey spray paint. The best I could do was a glossy dark grey. No flats at all.

I’ve also settled on the rubber tail piece. I spent some time looking for steering rack boots (or constant velocity boots, as they are called in the US), but was unable to find one small enough for my purpose. While they had the right circular ribbed effect, the opening at the narrow end was often half an inch to an inch wide. siphon pumpI’d need a really wide antenna to fill that space – otherwise the tail would look awkward. Instead, while wandering through TrueValue Hardware, I found a gas-siphon pump for $3 or $4 (just like the one shown). I pulled out the tubes, leaving the rubber pump in the middle which I cut in half. Its doesn’t have the ribbed design of the original… but its close enough for my purposes.

This weekend I hope to cut and paint the “K – 9” for the left side and find suitable neck tubing. That will just leave the ears.


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