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#$%!&@ Ears

June 22, 2009

I started work on the ears this weekend… and they are proving to be more trouble that expected. I began with some incredibly detailed directions from pjwadelaide on the WhoProps forum. He recommended using an old speaker grill for the radar dishes and some narrow brass tubing for the stalks. The Doctor Who Technical Manual (of which I happen to own a copy from when I was a kid) has enough information to make a template for the radar dishes. Easy enough, right?

First problem, there are no old speakers lying around (which I found shocking). On to Plan B. My wife – in her brilliance – suggested using a colander. I loved it – cheap, easy to cut, pre-curved and the right color. Sold. Run off to the hardware store, buy my first soldering iron, some solder and aluminum tubes. Yes, aluminum. The store didn’t have the right size in brass. Who cares right? It’s all metal. (Famous last words.) Sink a few minutes into watching videos on how to solder on Youtube, think this will be easy, cut the mesh from the colander and have at it.

Second problem. Neither the aluminum nor the stainless steel mesh from the colander conduct heat very well and the solder won’t melt. (Damn my high school for not offering shop class.)

Run out to a different store and pick up brass tubes. Head home to try again.

Third problem. Brass heats nicely and the solder melts. But the solder will not stick to the stainless steel. At this point I sounded a bit like Stephen Colbert when he’s yelling at bears. “SOLDER!!!!!”

Looks like I will have to do a bit more research before I solve this particular problem.


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