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Disney Report (Day 1)

August 5, 2009

(Please bear with me as I’m writing this from my iPhone.)

We’re in Cerritos,CA doing a mini family reunion. My brother has been on the left coast for nearly 10 years – which is why we came west. My sister flew in from Tampa, my parents from Philly and us from Durham, NC. Since the kids are 6 & 4 and Kathy’s expecting… we figured this was going to be our best chance to do Disney for a couple of years.

Everyone told us Disneyland could be done in a day. Umm, no. At least not with young kids. Yesterday was hot and there was a ridiculous amount of walking. (Kathy said it was harder than the Avon walk.) The lines were also really, really long. They were so long the lines were actually more of a stroll than a stop and go wait. Believe it or not that made it much, much easier with the kids.

But it was so much fun!

Grace was thrilled as soon as we walked into the park and saw Sleeping Beauty’s castle. We went to Frontier Land for lunch and the place we picked turned out to have show… which enthralled the kids. Then we did the Pirates of Carribean and the Haunted House rides. Grace absolutely loved them. Jack was scared, wimpering and holding on to Kathy with a death grip. The best was his expression in the Haunted House when he was trying to figure out why he could see a ghost in our car in the mirror but not when he looked around the car itself.

Some brilliant marketing person in Disney thought up the concept of (selling) autograph books. Kids can ask the characters they meet to sign them. In the Hundred Acre Wood we got signatures from Pooh, Rabbit and Tigger! Jack was so excited… hugging them like crazy. We got more from Woody and Jesse when walking by Thunder Mountain. Then we saw the Pixar Play Parade with Lighting McQueen and Mater and the Incredibles. Huge smiles! The best was dinner at Ariel’s Grotto. Grace had a little post-parade meltdown and was upset because she hadn’t seen any princesses yet. Well, was she surprised when she got to meet Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. Pictures and autographs all the way around. And we learning Jack is quite the ladies man. 🙂

After that it was nearly 8 and the kids are still on east coast time, so we headed back. I alternately carried the kids out on my shoulders and Jack was asleep as soon as he hit the car seat. He barely moved when I carried him into the house and put him in bed.

Today, we’ll head over a little later so we can stay and watch the fireworks. Plus some of us are really, really sore.


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