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Disney Report (Day 2)

August 6, 2009

(Still on the iPhone… typos, spelling mistakes are it’s responsibility. Brilliant ideas are mine.)

Yesterday we started a bit later… heading to the park after lunch. This time we parked in the garage and took the tram rather than walk from the outer lots. Man was that a good idea!

The day itself could best be described as a blur. We went to Toontown and met Mickey, rode on the kids roller coaster, checked out Donald’s boat and Goofy’s house. Then we went on “It’s A Small World”… largely to torture my Mom. And then it was off to Pixie Hollow to meet Tinker Bell! Oh Grace was so excited.

Two really funny items. One, We meet the Evil Queen from Snow White and Jack was terrified. He hid behind my wife and would not come out. 🙂 Two, we did Star Tours and the kids really thought we were in space. When the ride ended Jack asked if we were on Earth or still on the Death Star. Grace kept asking if it was just pretend.

There was dinner, Flying Dumbo and my brother & sister took Grace on Splash Mountain. Then we closed it out with fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Tinkerbell flying through the fireworks was very cool. Somehow Jack managed to fall asleep in the midsts of all this noise… so the tram thing was even more important. I’m getting quit the upper body workout on this vacation.

Today we’re taking a “break.” Although my mom and wife are making a lot of plans for an off day. I am concerned.


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