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An open letter to holiday drivers

November 25, 2009

Last night, I drove up I-95 from North Carolina to Philadelphia. I wanted to offer a few tips to the many holiday drivers on the road.

First, the LEFT lane is for passing. That means it’s for people moving FASTER than the general flow of traffic. If you are moving SLOWER than than everyone else, MOVE TO THE RIGHT LANE!!! How do you know if you are moving slower than traffic? For one, there’s a long line of cars piled up behind you with extensive open space in front. Another hint… multiple cars have passed you on the right and pulled in front of you. Flashing lights, honking horns and people yelling at you as they pass would be other good signs.

Two, safe driving does not dictate that you keep 15-20 car lengths of open space between you and the car in front of you. And it certainly doesn’t mean you should come to a complete stop with 5 car lengths open. Why? Because it’s dangerous. No one reasonable person can anticipate you’re going to leave that much open space. You’re going to cause an accident. PULL UP!!!

Third, and this one is for Delaware Department of Transportation, why are you doing construction on the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving? The two lanes of I-95 North you closed caused backups into Maryland. It took an hour and a half – 90 minutes – to drive through your state. Did someone not get the email that this is the busiest travel time of the year? And that more of us would be driving because of the disaster air travel has become?

Driving would be a lot easier if people were aware of what was going on around them and our illustrious bureaucrats used a little common sense.


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