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The End of Time – Part II

January 3, 2010

Last week I posted a fairly scathing review of Part One of The End of Time. Having just watched Part Two, I feel obligated to hand out props for a good episode and a great send off of David Tennant. There are a whole range of things I liked about this one… the verbal play between the Doctor and the Master, that Wilf (Bernard Cribbins) was the one who knocked four times, Timothy Dalton as Rassilon, the obvious nods to Star Wars and Star Trek, “Worst Rescue EVER!!!”. My favorite thing was Tennant’s last line though. Most regenerations are fairly peaceful, with the Doctor accepting his impending change, safe in the knowledge he would live on. But the 10th Doctor, he loved life, he loved being him and he didn’t want to go. That love of life is the essence of this show.

In fairness, this wasn’t the best Doctor Who episode. There were a lot of plot holes that I’m choosing to overlook. Like the Doctor sky diving without a parachute, crashing through a glass dome, smashing into the floor and not being dead. Or the fact that in earlier episodes he absorbed significant amounts of radiation only to expel it in his shoe… but here it killed him (slowly). Or the purpose of the Master’s super powers being to hold off Rassilon. Or how 6 billion Master’s weren’t all trying to be the one in charge. Or why Donna was there at all. Or how easily Rassilon reversed the Master’s “transplant” yet seemed to get stuck when he decided to kill the Doctor… at least long enough for the Master to tell the Doctor to get out of the way. Or… several others. But even so, the emotional impact of the episode made me willing to ignore the holes (for the most part).

I have to say, I am excited about the new Doctor. We only got to see 60 seconds of him on screen but it was enough to make me curious. And I’m really excited to see where Steven Moffat takes the series because his stories tend to be more internally consistent and plot driven than Davies’. Even so, I will miss David Tennant. It’s a shame he didn’t choose to stay on. Best of luck in Hollywood.


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