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Mr. Mom

March 7, 2010

First, let me say how much we appreciate all the family and friends who have played such an important role in keeping us sane over the past few weeks. Especially, the family that’s had to travel from Philly or Florida on a moment’s notice.

I have to say, this experience has given me a newfound respect for single parents. For a period after Kate was born, my job was to get Grace and Jack where they needed to be with minimal disruption to their normal routines… while keeping up at work. (One of my colleagues was out on medical leave and another left the team for another role in IBM. This left us very shorthanded and I couldn’t just disappear for two weeks.) From 6:30-9:30 am it was a flurry of preparing breakfasts, packing lunches, finding clean clothes, packing schoolbags, getting my daughter’s hair into a pony tail – the only style I can do – and driving to one school or another. Then there were lunch-time pickups, end of day pickups, piano lessons, ballet, play dates, dinner, showers and bedtime… mixed with conference calls and late nights of work. And I had help – friends, who brought dinner or picked up the kids, and my mom, who kept the house from falling apart and did her own share of chauffeuring. I couldn’t imagine trying to do this as a single parent. God love the ones that make it look ‘easy’.


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