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The business trip from hell…

May 2, 2010

Last week I did a little west coast swing. I spoke at two conferences and met with some potential new partners in the Sametime ecosystem. It should have been a routine trip. Instead. it started in a panic and went downhill from there.

  • An hour before I left for the airport, I realized I hadn”t set my out of office reminder and fired up my MacBook. Except it wouldn’t boot. I tried everything I could think of (and I’m a long time Mac guy so it’s just about everything there is) but no joy. Two presentations, a week on the road and no laptop. (Panic.)
  • My flight in Atlanta was delayed for two and a half hours because the PA system between the cockpit and the cabin was on the fritz. Two and a half hours sitting in the plane on the runway because the captain couldn’t make his inane announcements on cruising altitude. Really?
  • On the way from Reno to Tahoe it snowed. A lot. Fortunately, I had a driver who knew where she was going because it was midnight and there was no visible road as we drove over a mountain. We did lose control once – even though we weren’t moving that fast – sliding across the road.
  • I screwed up my time zone conversions and missed my flight home.
  • I got lucky and was able to make alternate arrangements… but only had 30 minutes between connecting flights in Chicago. We were a little late landing and by time I got off the plane, I was down to 15 minutes until my connection was scheduled to leave. I sprinted through the airport (as best I could) and got there just as the flight was boarding. The searing pain in my chest, locked calf muscles and an inability to breath reminded me I really need to start exercising again.
  • Then, to top it all off, when we arrived at the gate at home, the jet bridge wouldn’t extend to the plane. We couldn’t get off! After 20 minutes, they towed us to another, working gate.

Fun, huh? In the next post, I’ll tell you why this was actually a pretty insightful experience.


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