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Time for a little down time

July 18, 2010

Note: The following post was written while on vacation between July 9th and the 17th. It’s being posted now because I did not have internet access at the time.

Today (July 9th) was my first day of vacation. Technically, it isn’t as much vacation as the rest of my paternity leave. IBM gives new fathers two weeks off to bond with their newborns. I took four days when Kate was born. I couldn’t tell you what was so important that I couldn’t take the time then… but it was… so I didn’t.

Whatever the name, I am really looking forward to the down time as the last few months have been… a test. In March, I took over the team I had been a member of for the previous 22 months. Fortunately, I have the luxury of working with seasoned professionals. No one had a problem with the promotion despite the fact that they all interviewed me for and trained me in how to do my old role.

For a while, I was doing my new job and my old as it took a while to line up my replacement. Plus, I was handling a small part of a third because one of my folks was out on leave. Then, just when things were ready to settle down, my replacement announced she was retiring due to her parents’ deteriorating medical condition AND our long time VP (and my boss) announced his retirement after 32 years with IBM.

In the midst of all of these transitions, we’ve been driving multiple critical projects that have required long, long hours. The good news is I’m excited about the projects and the progress we’ve made. But my personal gas tank is on E.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to a week in the Outer Banks… with the family, some good friends and no Internet access.


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