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The ups and downs of vacations

July 20, 2010

Note: The following post was written while on vacation between  July 9th and the 17th. It’s being posted now because I did not have internet access at the time.

This week we’re staying in Corolla in the North Carolina Outer Banks. The kids are all staying in one room, sleeping in bunk beds. Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of sleeping the first night (Friday). So none of the parents were all that upset when the thunderstorm hit on Saturday after only about an hour and a half on the beach. Sunday, however, we were able to stay on the beach for 4 hours and it was wonderful. It was low tide and there were sea shells everywhere. Grace and Jack added two large bucketfuls to their collections.

There was a sandbar that let us get very far into the ocean and the kids loved jumping the waves. When it was just Grace, I’d let her stand in front of me and jump the waves herself (as opposed to holding her hand). She was very proud of herself.

As for Jack, we decided to build a simple sand fort right on the water’s edge as the tide was coming in. It was a race to build a sand wall big enough to hold out the waves. We lost … but it was a blast.

Unfortunately, that night Jack wouldn’t eat dinner, fell asleep oddly early and developed a fever overnight. While the rest of the troup went to the Corolla Light House on Monday, Jack and I spent the day traveling to and from Outer Banks Urgent Care. He didn’t mind so much as he got a Wendy’s Frosty and got to spend some one-on-one time with Dad. (I brought my iPad and read Winnie the Pooh to him while waiting for the docs in the exam room.) It was strep. Fortunately with a couple of doses of antibiotics and another night’s sleep, he’s got his mischievous smile back.


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