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Just a great day to be a dad

October 10, 2010

Some days… it’s just great being a dad. Last Sunday was one of those occasions.

My 5-year old son saw me getting ready to rake the leaves and asked if he could help. Of course, I said. A few minutes later he came down the stairs dressed just like me – jeans, grey t-shirt, baseball cap and a huge smile.

He had fun for a while raking, jumping in leaf piles and squishing the leaves in the yard waste bin. After a while he decided he needed a break. I intended to keep working… but saw him lay in the grass with his hands behind his head and his little red Phillies cap on. It was so cute, I went and laid down next to him. We spent the next 15 or so minutes watching the clouds and finding shapes (there were a lot of alligators on this particular day).

When I kissed him good night, he told me how much fun he had with me in the yard.

Just a great day to be a dad.


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