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Vacation thoughts from Holden Beach

August 11, 2011

I think it’s Thursday. We’re on vacation in Holden Beach, North Carolina, so other than the occasional stock market swing, time loses meaning here.

I started writing this blog to document my progress in building a robot dog modeled after ‘K-9’ from the British science fiction show, ‘Doctor Who’. But as you’ve probably noticed, there haven’t been many posts on that topic for a while. My excuses last year were many and partially documented here. At work, I took over my team in March, my VP retired in June (and wasn’t replaced until January), one of my team (and friends) was in and out on medical leave, we kicked off a new strategic initiative, looked at a number acquisitions and so on. Personally, there were soccer games, ballet, school plays and girl scouts. Oh, and my wife gave birth to our third child last February. This year hasn’t been much different. It took several months to get the new boss up to speed and the three people I’ve hired to augment my team have been moving along their own learning curves. Things are just starting to relax a bit. At home, well, there’s an 8, 6 and 1 year old. 🙂

K-9’s exterior is complete and my neighbor has helped me work out the motor wiring. I’m at a point where I really need to sit down and do the programming. The problem is after 12-15 hours in front of a computer screen for work… I have no desire for more. Instead, I’ve been much more interested in working with my hands. To that end…

I had built a doll house for my daughter 3-to-4 years ago and am now painting it. She picked out a bubblegum pink for the exterior walls and my wife suggested antique white for the trim and windows. I’ve also just ordered the Polar Lights Star Trek Enterprise model – which is nearly 3 feet long when complete. I haven’t built a model like this since I was a kid and can’t wait to start. But I’ve promised myself I would finish one project (the doll house) before I start another.

And we’re redoing our kitchen. We had new countertops and appliances installed and we’re having the hardwood floors refinished for the entire first floor. But refinishing the cabinets is my job. I just picked up a new DeWalt quarter sheet sander and it’s awesome. I did a test run on the island and took off the 23 year old finish in no time. As a bonus the dust collector port fits my my shop vac so there’s virtually no dust. It is a tad noisy running the sander and shop vac at the same time… so sanding will be limited to the weekends.

Right now, I have to get back to a game of ‘Cutthroat’ Uno. 🙂


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