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Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Assuming the world doesn’t come to an end (per the Mayan calendar – which really has my 9 year old freaked out, btw), 2012 promises to be a pretty significant year of change for us. First and foremost, Kathy and I have decided it’s time to move “home”. From a purely practical perspective, we’ve outgrown our current house. There are five of us and only 3 bedrooms. While the bonus room is fully finished, it already does triple duty as my office (I work from home and need an isolated space), the guest bedroom and general storage area. It’s no longer practical to keep the older two in one room – they’re going to kill each other – nor does it make sense to put the girls together given the age disparity (9 and almost 2). If we’re going to move, the obvious place is back to Philly. The pull of family has always been strong – no surprise with 4 parents, 5 sets of brother & sister in-laws, 11 nieces and nephews and my own sister in the area. Plus my in-laws are entering their 80s and we don’t want our kids to miss out. Barring a fantastic career opportunity that needs me to be elsewhere… we’ll look to head home this year.

Speaking of work, it’s a bit of back to the future at IBM. In mid-2010, Bruce Morse retired as VP of IBM’s Unified Communication & Collaboration and it was 6 months before a successor, Caleb Barlow, was named. On January 1st, Caleb will be leaving us to take over as Director of Product Management for the new IBM Security Systems division. As when Bruce left, I’ll be stepping in on an interim basis until a new executive is named or management settles on a different structure. It goes without saying that I’ll still be doing my day job during the transition – running the IBM Sametime product management team.

But back to fun stuff… my daughter’s Victorian dollhouse is fully shingled (1500 individual wooden shingles glued on one at a time) and painted a beautiful bubblegum pink with antique white trim. It’s even covered in miniature Christmas lights for the holidays. The kitchen cabinets have been sanded down to bare wood. There’s a bit more prep work, with a quick “finish” sanding required, and then I can paint. If I could convince Kathy to stop scheduling all of these holiday activities, I could use this time off to really make some progress. Like that would ever happen. 🙂 With the cabinets out of the way, I’ll turn my attention to the rest of the detail work that needs to be done to make the house sale ready. I need to rework K-9’s ears as my 2 year old loves playing with him and has crushed the radar dishes. The big Starship Enterprise model still sits in the box… waiting for a little time and attention. And I almost forgot! My son is in 1st grade and a Boy Scout. Earlier in the year, he had the fastest boat in his Tiger Cub Den in the Raingutter Regatta. Now we have to put together his Pine Wood Derby car for the big race in February. That ought to be a lot of fun, too.

Like I said, 2012 should be really exciting.


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  1. Carl Lewis permalink

    Nice work on the doll house! You’ve set a high standard for me….Carl

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