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Taking the fun out of using a Mac for work

May 7, 2012

As you can imagine, IBM has some pretty strict requirements about IT assets used for work purposes. For Windows machines, they’ve long had a suite of software that validated compliance with these policies and ‘automated’ certain required tasks. You know… conveniently pushing a Windows update during a customer demo or executing a virus scan that slows the machine to a crawl 30 minutes before a key deadline.

So, four years ago, when I starting using a MacBook for work, it came with a certain degree of freedom. IBM had no monitoring software and, since I owned that machine, I used it for both work and personal needs. One machine and no overhead… it was ideal.

Fast forward four years. I’m now using an IBM owned MacBook and have just been directed to install the new OSX management software. I can’t really argue the point because it is their machine. But I’m not comfortable with my personal data being on a machine that IBM can “manage”.

Last week a shiny new (BTO) MacMini arrived and I’ve migrated my digital life to it. [I thought about a MacBook Air but it felt redundant with my iPad. A tiny, always on workhorse seemed to make more sense than another mobile device. Especially since I can use the Mini from my iPad with SplashTop Remote Desktop.]

Next week, I will install the IBM required software, activate the mandated 3rd party whole disk encryption, and boldly go… back to the future of two machines.

Off Topic: Not entirely sure how IBM intends to reconcile this with the ‘Bring your own device’ program. If I owned this MacBook, I’d be much less inclined to accept these mandates.


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