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September 30, 2012

Doctor Who

My family just finished watching the ‘fall season finale’ of Doctor Who and the production team has to be congratulated for creating such great family entertainment. Sure, it’s got tech and the occasional mind bending, timey-wimey plot for geeks like me, great characters and romances for my wife and monsters to scare the kids. But what I really love is the way they’ve written the 11th Doctor. He has exactly the same reaction to Amy and Rory kissing as my 7 year old son (eeewwww!). That makes the Doctor very ‘real’ to my son and, somehow, excuses all the grown up stuff at the same time. It’s just brilliant.

The Enterprise Model

I’ve made some good progress on the model. Here’s a shot of the drive section. It’s ready for decals. Unfortunately, I’ve had some issues with the saucer section… so am going to have to repaint it.


Selling the House

The house is still on the market. We had a second showing yesterday and have another first showing today. One couple wanted to make us an offer contingent on selling their house – but they would only put their house on the market if they knew they had ours. Somehow, that seemed to shift all the risk onto us and we declined. Another couple loved our house but can’t make an offer until they sell theirs. The realtors are keeping in touch but no news yet. Finally, there was ‘this guy’. The wife and daughter loved our house but the husband didn’t. I don’t know whether to buy this guy a beer for standing his ground or smack him upside the head for being an idiot. Either way, he’s not going to stay married very long by denying his wife (and daughter) something they really, really want. Needless to say no offer from them.


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