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Home Sweet Home

May 22, 2013

Sunday night was our first official night in our new home! We’ve actually had possession for about 3 weeks – enough time to repaint the living room, family room, two bedrooms, have new carpets installed on the second floor and stairs and move most of our belongings in. Yes, there are boxes everywhere.

The kids are excited about the basement with the big TV and pool table; that each has their own room; and there are other kids who live across the street. My son has been alternating between the upper and lower bunks in his new bunk beds. My oldest is thrilled because she has the biggest bed room (of the kids) and it’s purple. Meanwhile my youngest has graduated to a big girl bed. 🙂

A couple of quick stories. I am officially a big fan of Allied Moving and their North Carolina affiliate, Excel Moving & Storage. They took our possessions on January 14th and held them in storage for four months, delivering on May 15th. We’re still packing, but other than a handful of really minor dings or scratches, just about everything came through unscathed. The big test was the baby grand piano. It was purchased new, delivered without a scratch and never acquired so much as a ding in our old home. Other than my kids, the piano is my wife’s most prized possession. She was very relieved when the guys set it up and it looked just as good as when it was packed. All the people we dealt with – from the sales rep to the moving coordinator to the pickup and delivery teams were fantastic.

I can’t say the same thing about working with Wells Fargo to originate my mortgage. The people were very nice. However the requirements kept changing all during the lead up to close, they kept asking for the same documentation over and over and, since I didn’t have access to a fax machine, they wanted me to email them unencrypted PDFs. After all, I was informed, their email was secure. They couldn’t quite seem to grasp that in between my account and their ‘secure’ system was a whole lot of not secure. Moreover, it blew my mind that they gave me access to a very pretty web site to track my mortgage’s progress, but I couldn’t upload the documents directly to them through it.

But enough of that. How about a couple of pictures?Image - Front of House

Image - The Back YardImage - A view from the deckImage - Child Labor

Yes, we even put the kids to work painting their closets!


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