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Camp Del Pizzo Pines

October 15, 2013

One of the reasons we bought our house was the big back yard. Ok, our actual yard isn’t all that big. Our property is only about a third of an acre. However, there is at least an acre of ‘common space’ behind us that is all but inaccessible except through our property… so it might as well be ours.

Over the summer, the kids and I camped in the back yard. We set up a tent, had a fire, made smores and slept outside. They loved it. That gave my wife an idea. It turns out that my 5th grader’s new Girl Scout Troop had never been camping before. So last weekend, we hosted them here, at Camp Del Pizzo Pines!

1377286_10202160722808302_593645689_nWhile I helped with logistical support – getting the equipment where it needed to be – the troupe and the troupe leaders did all the real work. This wasn’t a sleep over. The girls set up tents, cooked, had a scavenger hunt, slept outside and policed the entire area the next morning. I was really proud of all them. They had a ton of fun and we really enjoyed hosting them.

Of course, my 3rd grader wasn’t happy about not being part of it. But, he’ll get his turn when he and I go camping with the Cub Scouts in a few weeks.


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