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Ice Storm 2014

February 7, 2014

Tuesday night we all went to bed, ready for a full day on Wednesday. Mother Nature had other plans and gave us the great Ice Storm of 2014. When we woke Wednesday morning, there was no power. I work from home, so don’t normally get the day off when it snows (much to my kids chagrin). But now…

  • No power at home = no internet = no ability to work.
  • No power at school = no heat = the kids stay home

We braved it out on Wednesday… playing a lot of Uno, sitting in front of the fire and exploring the cold, dark house with flashlights. Entertainingly, I can now answer the question, “What do I have to do to get my kids to practice the piano?”. Thursday, we got out of the house and found other places where we could keep warm. And then, Thursday night the electricity magically turned back on around 11:30 PM. We’re lucky as about half of my family in the area is still in the dark.

Oddly, we’ve had one major utility problem during the winter at each of our homes. In Pittsburgh, “new homeowner-itis” led to a night without heat a few weeks after my first daughter was born. (“HVAC’s have air filters? And if you don’t change them every so often the system shuts down? No, they didn’t mention that during the walk through.”) In Durham, the first floor HVAC system outright died right after my son was born. (In that case, the house had separate systems for the upstairs and down, so we were able to keep warm on the second floor.) We didn’t have any problems after my 3rd child was born… but we were still in Durham. Although she’s almost four now, we’re less than a year in our house in Broomall, so I guess it was time.

Hopefully, that will be it for this house. But, in the off chance it isn’t, I think I’ll pick up a generator when they’re on sale this summer.


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