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This blog covers a range of topics that are of interest to me at any given point in time – technology, sports, politics, TV and whatever personal projects I happen to be working on.

Since 2003, I’ve been in the employ of Big Blue. I’m currently the Program Director for IBM’s Social Communications business… leading the product management organization responsible for IBM Sametime.

Before Sametime, I was a Global Solutions Executive in IBM’s Sensor & Actuator Solutions unit. There, I led multiple software, services and sales teams to deliver sensor-based (RFID) supply chain solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Defense, Consumer Products and Retail industries.

At the other end of the corporate spectrum, I’ve had successful stints in sales and product management for very tiny companies – 20 to 60 people – and wouldn’t be surprised to find myself back in that environment someday. I earned my MBA from GSIA/Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

While work keeps me pretty busy, chances are I’m also building something. Past projects have included completely – and I mean completely – remodeling our master bathroom, replacing the rear deck and laying a new patio in the front. (Let Google be your guide.) On occasion I also tinker with software development. (Once I wrote software to synchronize the Newton Messagepad with Microsoft Entourage under MacOS X.)

I live in the western suburbs of Philadelphia with my wife and three children.

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  1. Hi John. I’d love to talk to you (or at least e-mail you) about what we are doing at innSend and how I think Sametime could benefit from our task messaging component. We originally built it because I was using sametime in hotels and our departments wanted to communicate guest requests with it but they needed to be able to monitor the status of tasks. We then went on to expand the mobile capability with SMS, E-mail, & mobile apps but I really believe there could be an opportunity to merge our task system into sametime and have it as an optional ‘add on’ to increase licensing fees. Hotels is what we know and they would jump on the opportunity to use sametime to expand it’s capability to improve guest services. With that said, any other vertical currently using sametime that needs instant task communications monitoring could benefit. I wanted to get your feedback and take on that and see if there could be an opportunity to dive a little deeper into this? Thanks for your time John.
    -Greg Schlosser

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